Welcome to Jardim Orquídea

Here you can explore the magical World of Orchids
on Madeira Island

Pregetter`s Orchid Garden is dedicated to all those who love nature and plants, so don’t expect to find just another garden. We devote our efforts to presenting everything in surroundings which are as natural as possible.

Jardim Orquídea is a genuine exhibition. We have built a miniature forest where you will have the opportunity to admire a wide variety of orchids, both in their original form and hybrids, as well as other tropical plants. We have also built up a symbiosis of plants, birds and fish in the tropical biotope.

Our firm was founded in Austria during the time of the Imperial monarchy and since then four generations of our family have been dedicated to the research and development of new species of a wide variety of plants. We have made our dream of creating a natural jungle of orchids and exotic plants come true here in Madeira. You will find a little bit of everything, from spectacular flowers to beautiful minuscule orchids.

Take time to enjoy everything in a tranquil setting. You will find plants from every continent and be able to see blossoming plants throughout the year.

Anyone who tells you that there are no plants in bloom at this time of year or that the Garden is closed to the public, is simply not familiar with Jardim Orquídea.

The Pregetter family looks forward to your visit.