Baby Orchids

Orchid Bags

Young orchid plants (presented in small sterile bags) are our speciality. We have both common varieties and rare species available for collectors. Each bag contains 5-6 approximately 2 year old plants, at the appropriate stage of development to be planted in small flower pots.

We can send the Orchid Bags by mail, please contact us for more information:

Please reserve the varieties that you wish to purchase two months in advance. We will confirm your order and prepare the orchids for your requested date of delivery. Payment will be made on delivery. The bags must only be opened at the time of transferring orchids to flower pots.

Treatment // How to handle

After purchasing the orchid bags, remove the young orchids, and carefully clean the roots with lukewarm water to eliminate the remaining soil.

You may now place the plants, individually, into small flower pots (5 or 6 cm), using special soil for orchids. At the first planting, the soil should not be too dense. Keep in mind that the young plants cannot be planted very deeply in the soil. Only the roots should be covered by earth and not the plants.

Water the plants immediately after planting and then allow the soil to drywell. After approximately 2 months, you should fertilise the plants regularly every fortnight. For this purpose a special orchid fertiliser or a liquid fertiliser should be used, choosing from the brands available on the market. However, this type of fertiliser must be diluted in 4 times as much water as indicated in the instructions.

One year later, the orchids may be transplanted into bigger flower pots and a richer soil may be used. From then on, night temperature should be checked to determine that it is adequate. Species of orchids intended for warm areas should not be exposed to temperatures of under 18ºC, and orchids for temperate areas, not above 18ºC.

For most species, you will be happy to see your first flowers after 3 years and be the proud owner of orchids cultivated by you. We hope that at that time you will remember Madeira Island and Jardim Orquídea and we hope to welcome you here again.

If you feel that the process of transplanting the baby orchids is too lengthy for you to carry out, you are welcome to buy orchid plants that will blossom the same or the following year.

Plants may be transported in soil within the Euro zone.You may choose plants and arrange to pick them up already packaged at our facilities.