Wild flowers

The following floral remedies have been used for generations by tribes around the world, and grow wild in the mountains and foothills of Madeira. Long having been thought of as weeds by most and tools of witches by others, the truth is that all flowers have a positive signature and, it’s simply a matter of discovering what that useful signature is. With the combination of folklore and our knowledge of homeopathic potentiating, we have tried and tested the listed flowers in the potency of 200C for thirteen years and, have not been able to improve upon them further and have found that the florals, prepared in solarized mountain water and then further potentized, are utterly reliable.

Why the additional dilution and succussion? Well, first of all although we take great care to not have any open cuts on the flowers when we prepare the remedies, some of the flowers are potentially poisonous and any homeopathic dilution above 12C has no longer any plant material at all, only pure vibrational recording of what was in the water before and, with each step of the process, the vibration gets “louder”. Secondly, it is well known in homeopathic psychiatry that dilutions of 200C or higher, take us into the emotional body and, that dilutions below this point are pretty much physical remedies only. With these two factors in mind, we settled on the 200C potency for all our floral remedies and have not been disappointed. Even long established brands like St Germain and Dr Bach, we feel we have improved upon, because results speak louder than words and results is what we have obtained with this method.

Up to five of these remedies can be mixed without losing any of the initial power of the single remedies. Please be totally honest with yourself when choosing which remedies you would like us to blend for you. We include in this list remedies of other brands that we have enhanced by homeopathic alteration. When choosing your blend feel free to quote the number of each flower in your email, or go through the steps to the shopping cart as indicated. Whichever way makes the experience more convenient for you.

(cost 1-5 remedies 17 euro)

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