Floral Essences

Floral Essences // How to Use

The Floral Essences are 100% natural and produced in our laboratory, under medical control. They can be used to heal physical and spiritual issues, and to help us to evolve and develop positive capacities, by aligning our chakras. Our essences are inside medicine bottles (50 ml) and they are made using orchids, as well as other homeopatic plants. Each flask costs 14,90€, if you are interested in buying some please send us an email to jardim.orquidea@gmail.com. Click the following icon to know more:

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Chakras are centers of spiritual energy in the human body. There are seven major centers which control many lesser centers throughout the body. Five of the major centers are located along the spine and two in the head. The chakras affect the functioning and structure of the tissues of the body, including the organs, as they influence the endocrine system and its hormones. They are also associated with various aspects of our experience on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

How to use?
Directly: 1-2 drops, 2 times per day, under your tongue.
Water bottle: 4 drops in 0,33 l water bottle, drink during the day.
Bath: 8 drops in bath water.

How many essences can I mix?
Free mix up til 12, but 4 is the ideal number.

Duration of the treatment
After 3-4 weeks you will feel a positive change – if not, try another essence.

Use in animals
In small animals, use half of the dosage recommended for you.

Use in plants
The dosage is 1 drop per litre, but dont forget to use also plant protection and fertilizer.