1991 The company moved to Madeira. We built a laboratory and a place for the exhibition of orchids, with the aim of creating a natural habitat for these plants in order to make it look like a wild jungle.

2010 Josef Pregetter putted his private collection into the existing garden, and founded the Josef Pregetter Foundation.

The Foundation allow us to work together with Universities, Botanical Gardens and other similar institutions as well as with private collectors and orchid lovers. We are going to investigate, to keep old species alive (some of them exist only in this garden) to build a greater interest for nature and to pass our knowledge in workshops and seminars (you will find the dates on our site).

Our most important aim is to protect orchids from their extinction, to keep old species in culture and to give a wider range of people the opportunity to enjoy the fascination of this orchids. So that many later generations of plant lovers can enjoy the beauty of these flowers.

The Foundation is not making any profit, so we are very grateful for every donation of plants, wether it is a hybrid or a natural form and it is already part of your own collection.

Please help us to keep our orchids through further generations!