All of our tinctures and mixtures of tinctures for specific applications, are grown in the volcanic soil of Madeira, or are sourced from organic farms in Belgium. In some cases, homeopathic dilutions work a little better and of course, these can be made by us to the specified potency from D1 to LM.

When homeopathy became popular in India, it happened in an interesting way. I was told this at college, so I don’t remember names and such but, the story goes like this: A Raja was ill and all his physicians could not cure him and it was feared he might lose his life. As a last resort, an English tea planter who was known to have cured some of the locals with homeopathy, was called. The first thing he asked, was “What are you giving him?” the same herbal remedy he then diluted and succussed repeatedly until he reached the potency he had in mind and, the Indian King was cured with the very same ingredient that had only slightly helped him before. This is why we sometimes prescribe a tincture converted to D2 or D3 for physical problems and in higher potencies for emotional problems.

Tinctures work slightly better than infusions/teas, because the method of extraction removes more properties from the plant into the liquid, but in a lot of cases infusions are fine too. Modern medicine owes it´s roots to Herbology, and many Physicians use herbal products today even, if they are sceptical about homeopathy.

Be assured, that whatever way you intend to heal or treat others who are sick, we will provide you with the best quality in whichever form you intend to use.

In the Apocrypha , God speaks to his prophet and says: “If you have faith, I will heal you. If you have insufficient faith, go to my doctor who I have taught about the medicines I have placed on earth, and he in his faith will heal you”.

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